I am thrilled with the efforts (and consequent results) put in by Katrina Hampton at Art2muse Gallery.  Right on the corner of Manning Road and New South Head Road, Double Bay, the gallery is quite small, but hasamazing street exposure and looks fabulous, especially at night .  The January show of waterfall paintings went really well and the next exhibition, planned for two weeks commencing 4 August, will be of arid zone works – including Central Australia, and the incredibly coloured Breakaways near Coober Pedy.  Watch this space for more info!


Jol Fleming lives in Alice Springs, and over the last decade has been instrumental in a great change in my life and the lives of many others.  His generousity and knowledge make him an outstanding Australian who loves to share his “backyard”.  It’s a big backyard – in fact the whole of outback Australia.  Jol is somewhat hampered by the effects of a vehicle rollover in his twenties, and despite being an “incomplete quadriplegic” needing constant care with the everyday essentials we all take for granted, Jol runs 4wd training and offroad tagalong tours like no other.  Have a look at his website and

We recently celebrated Jol’s 60th birthday – an incredible achievement for one who wasn’t expected to reach 40!  In order to enjoy life to the fullest, his family and mates are collaborating to fund and custombuild a special off-road caravan to meet his needs.  Streamlining medical and daily care requirements will make his much beloved outback trips safer and more enjoyable for all concerned.

Whether you know Jol or not, could you spare a buck to help us with this project.  We can’t offer tax deductibility, but the joy and benefits this van will bring are beyond belief (unless you might have travelled with Jol in the past and understand the current campsite regime).  Please contact me on 0413130691 or send an email to jolvan at this website.

Thanks in anticipation!